Monday, July 16, 2007

Eatin' and Film makin'

An update about what we've been doing here. We have been in a video-making vortex where all we do is film people, edit and eat large meals. Last night was a homecoming of sorts as one of our videos was screened at the massive Mega Event in Jerusalem. We also facilitated a video workshop which was lots of fun, especially when we taught newbies to edit on the last day in a 90-minute speed-editing sprint. In the meantime, we'll be filming some more, editing and of course, eating. Thanks to handy coupons from eluna, I am now a fat camera man. Just call me Gus.
Jerusalem Restaurants:
  • Ima's - pretty good Sephardic home cooking. The kubeh soup there is too doughy - I prefer lighter dumplings.
  • Focaccia Bar - crowded, lively and frenetic service. But the focaccia stone oven never disappoints.
  • Shmil (above) - located in the same complex as the uber-cool "Ma'bada", or "The Lab" bar. Nice dainty French food. Expensive quiches and fish and amazing squash soup.
  • Joy Grill - this place is popular with American tourists, for good reason. We had the kebobs with techina and a steak sandwich. Plus 2 tall glasses of German beer. All of it good.
  • Anna Ticho House - they've renovated the garden so it's less rustic but still romantic. Great pastas with rich, creamy sauces. Their live musicians are straight out of a Yiddish folktale.
  • Taverna - located on the Haas Promenade, great views of the Judean Hills...and the separation wall.


Esther Kustanowitz said...

Hi "Gus"! Sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. Hope to see you and A again soon!!

sara said...

Esther!! Jerusalem misses you. When ya coming to Miami? It was lovely hanging with you this summer.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the MEGA event.