Monday, July 09, 2007

Recent Articles

It's nice to be away and to know that somewhere in the ether articles I have written are finally being published. This weekend marks my Miami Herald debut. The 4 articles were a treat to write. I got to chat with Chad and Ilona Oppenheim, Gene Meyer and Charles Allem. Fantastically creative people, all of them.
Here's a piece I wrote on Cafe Emunah in HOME Fort Lauderdale. The layout is quite gorgeous which has nothing to do with me, but makes me a happy writer nonetheless.
And if you happen to see a copy of this month's InsideOut, I've got an article on design shopping in Tel Aviv. It's fast becoming one of the coolest cities in the design universe, and so similar to Miami.
And here's a review of Sushi Samba Dromo, a fine place to enjoy a fine fusion-y meal.


Elad said...

congrats on the Herald piece! way to go, sara.

sara said...

Thanks, Elad. When am I going to see your byline in Spin already?