Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Slow Food in Israel

I've been doing some research on the Slow Food movement in Israel and as it relates to Jewish cooking and I've come across some interesting things. There's definitely a correlation between Jewish and Israeli cooking and the tenets of this food movement.
In addition to Pausa Inn, other Israeli businesses that subscribe officially to the Slow Food movement are:
Ella Valley Traditional Producers - sustainable farming where they produce olive oil, wine and organic dairy products. In the same valley where David fought Goliath.
Galilee Olive Oil Producers - an organization started by a group of Israeli and Palestinian women with the goal of uniting local farmers and selling their wares through fair trade markets.
Mt Eitan Goat Cheesemakers - a goat farm located in the mountain west of Jerusalem where the goats are raised wild. They produce cheeses that age for a few months in natural caves. The farm provides cheese, olive oil and other organic produce to Jerusalem's critically acclaimed French restaurant Arcadia.
Also American Jewish cooking author Joan Nathan is a big proponent of Slow Food. She was recently a keynote speaker at the Martha's Vineyard Slow Food Convivium.

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