Saturday, February 17, 2007

Boat Show Adventure

Stopped by the Yacht section of the Miami Boat Show at Collins and 41st and snapped a few pics of some McMansions for the sea. The camera was on a wonky setting - forgive the strangeness of the photos. I think the one above was about 137 footer or close to it. I remembered reading somewhere that the salary of a yacht captain is roughly equivalent to a thousand dollars per foot. If so, the cap'n of this baby is making a nice chunk of change.

This section of the Boat Show reminded me of the main convention center at Art Basel - lots of wealthy Europeans walking the aisles talking about ridiculously expensive things. Except in this instance it's yachts instead of art. But the difference with this show is preciousness with which the yacht brokers deal with their product. It shows in the way there are signs on every boat saying "no shoes" when touring the boats and how some vessels are only accessible by appointment. Then there are the major dealers like Ferreti and Azimut who have their sections cordoned off with velvet ropes and bouncers, they may be dressed in preppy clothing, sure, but they're still bouncers. At Art Basel there was plenty of property on display worth just as much as those boats and yet the galleries at Basel let anyone get in touch with those million-dollar Warhols and Basquiats, hell they even let people drink champagne and gesture wildly near the pieces. It highlighted how uptight the yacht world is. Not ground breaking news, I know, but sobering nonetheless.

This cute little oak number caught my eye. Flashy yes, but classy too. Imagine docking this in Santorini.

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