Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday All Purpose Dark!

Today marks a year that I've been posting regularly on this little blog that could. It's been quite a fantastic ride churning out these posts on a consistent basis. I started this project with the intention of improving my writing work ethic by sharing my wacky musings with an unknown public. After 12 months and 256 posts, I will admit that I am pretty durn proud of this venture. And I want to thank you, dear readers for sticking with me through the roller coaster of content. I also want to give appreciation to my blogging community, both local and international, for the cross-linkage love, support and of course, inspiration.
Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?
There have been wild Miami parties, restaurant reports, and travels to Israel, Jamaica, Japan and China. Musings on being a Persian Jewess, riding my trusty Citizen Bike and observations on literature, film, art and food.
Most of all I want to thank my A-bomb, you are the willing wing-man to my mad-cap adventures in the name of this blog.
Here's to many more posts. L'chaim!

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