Friday, February 20, 2009

Modern Luxury Party @ The Raleigh

The setting: The Raleigh's sandy backyard, 10pm. Sobe Food Fest, Thursday night.
The occasion: MIAMI Modern Luxury's Cruzan after-party.
The crowd: Hundreds of food fiends drunk on burgers toting red Vibrant Rioja goodie bags puffing on freebie cigars. How, you may ask, could these folks possibly choke down another bite of food after sampling over 22 types of burgers? Very easily, apparently. They moved slowly (burgers and beer will do that to you) but they managed to crowd the tables nonetheless.
The host: Tyler Florence, sweating over a massive pan of paella but taking the time to pose for photos and talk to guests.

The chefs: Representatives from local restaurants including Joe's Stone Crabs, DeVito's South Beach, da Campo Osteria (no Todd English but plenty of fresh-pulled mozzarella and a fantastic olive oil cake topped with lemon curd). And the dynamic duo from Paradigm, the "bastard stepchildren of the festival" (chef Chad's words, not mine), Chad Galiano and Kurtis Jantz serving up a taste explosion of orecchiette pasta and skate over a gorgonzola cheese square.

Other popular tables included the Raleigh's "Kushi" oysters with cilantro gelee, and cones of boniato fries and clams wrapped in kataifi pastry.

Escopazzo Organic Italian represented with gulf shrimp over gnochetti with brocoletti. It was incredi-belly.


Anonymous said...

Todd English was there! Great Party

Anonymous said...

YA! I got a pic with him....He's my fav ;)

Anonymous said...

I was there and thought that this party sucked. What a waste of money! I was at the Raleigh last year for the Dessert Party with Emiril; it sucked too. I think there is something about the Raleigh venue that makes the outcome bad.

Anonymous said...

We missed each other, Sara! I came from another dinner and was too stuffed to try much of anything.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the upcoming baby, Sara. All the best to the both of you. It's an amazing adventure.

sara said...

Anon- I stand corrected, guess Todd was indeed there.
Paula!! where ya been? Would have been great to see you.
Chad - thank you! Your munchkin looks adorable. I look forward to hearing more about her.

SteveBM said...

Looks like a good event. I always seem to be out of town for SBWFF. Oh well. At least I got to do Dinner in Paradise which was incredibly good and a really cool event. I have to post more about it at some point when I stop being lazy reading blogs instead of writing one.

Bun in the oven? Congrats!