Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Michael Mina Dinner @ Bourbon Steak

Those of you who loyally read APD (all 4 of you) know how I much I love Bourbon Steak. I look back fondly on the day Michael Mina found his way into my heart via duck fat fries and truffle mac and cheese. I'm just that kind of gal.

Now we humble Miamians will have a chance to feast courtesy of the man himself tomorrow night when Michael Mina hosts an intimate five-course gourmet dinner paired with a rare selection of wines from Hyde de Villaine, based in north San Francisco in Carneros.

According to the press release: As the nationally-acclaimed chef works his magic in the kitchen at BOURBON STEAK, Winemaker Stéphane Vivier, in collaboration with Sommelier Matthew Turner, will educate guests on the unique philosophies and marriage of Californian and French viticulture.

The intimate evening begins with a champagne reception at 7:30 p.m. in the lounge, where popular blues duo Albert Castiglia and Graham Drout will already be on “stage” to showcase the restaurant’s new BOURBON & Blues event. Following the reception, gourmands will be led to a sleek private dining room for an epicure experience like none other. $200 per person, includes tax, gratuity and valet parking. Seating is limited and reservations are required by calling (786) 279-6600.
1st Course
Nantucket Bay Scallops Tempura│ Cauliflower, Passion Fruit, Almonds
De la Guerra, Chardonnay, 2006

2nd Course
Crispy Skin Ocean Trout │ Curry, Fennel, Sea Beans, Concord Grape
2006 Chardonnay
2002 Chardonnay from Magnum

3rd Course
Angus Rib Cap │ Braised Short Rib, Forest Mushrooms,
Olive Oil Smashed Potatoes
2004 Belle Cousine
2001 Napa Valley Red From Magnum

4th Course
Artisanal Cheeses │ La Tur, Pleasant Ridge Reserve,
2005 Syrah
2002 Syrah from 750ml

5th Course
Beignets │ Macallan 18-Year-Old Pot de Crème


SteveBM said...

Daaaaaahhhhhhh! Ive been wanting to try this place for a long time and now they have 2 of my favorite things - Bourbon & Blues. I wish Id have known about this sooner so I could convince someone to come with! Oh well, hopefully there is a next time...

ChadC said...

Oh man. This sounds amazing. I have yet to check out Bourbon Steak and want to very much. Wish I had known about this earlier. One of my favorite meals ever was at Michael Mina's flagship in San Fran. It was one of the meals that you never can forget.


SteveBM said...

So, did u go?

sara said...

Yes! Will post a report soon!