Friday, May 30, 2008

Sympathy for the Devil @ MoCA

"It used to be about the music, man. Now it's all about the art."
Miami's hipsterati was out in full force last night to explore the intersection between art and rock n' roll. If that intersection involved the imbibing of several sugar-enhanced rum drinks, then so be it. Ocean Drive was sponsoring the shindig and there's no way one could peruse the show sober. Everyone from graying art collectors to scruffy Wynwood regulars to dolled-up publicists were digging the scene. Lots of David Bowie-esque people came face to face with David Bowie-inspired art. I even spied a dude sporting a Sgt. Peppper-styled tasseled jacket. It was a crowd-pleasing show, and for that the museum gets major nods of approval. I can't think of a more appropriate exhibit to entertain locals during the art-drought that is the summer. Best in show, of course, was the live band in a soundproof box (above) which we soon learned wasn't so soundproof once the lead singer started having epileptic seizures over his keyboard. And we discovered a new use for vinyl records: floor tiles! Radness!

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