Friday, May 16, 2008

Art of Food, Vegan Food Bar

Checked out the Art of Food, a great new vegan nook at the Co-op Miami across the street from the Midtown Shops. I happen to love veggie eats (especially faux meat) having patronized many awesome Chinese veggie spots in New York so I was definitely excited for fakin bacon, tofu chik'n and such. And with their fresh, healthy (mostly organic) eats Art of Food exceeded our expectations.

We tried a sandwich variety platter which included a savory marinated tofu, a silky faux salmon (in the nori wrap) made with brazil nuts, almonds, carrots, and beets. There was also a great curried chik'n apple on wheat toast, a "missing egg" made with veganaise and a "save the tuna" made with textured vegetable protein, miso and sesame.
A raw lasagna made with brazil nut cheese and zucchini was surprisingly filling. All of it was delicious, with the curry chicken being a standout. The sandwiches and wraps are delicate and priced at about $8 which is not necessarily a bargain but makes sense given the quality of the ingredients and how good you feel after eating this (compared to a Subway footlong).
There's an amazing smoothie selection and all their plastic goods are made from eco-friendly biodegradable materials. We tried a "chocolove" smoothie made with cherry, strawberry, raw carob, vanilla and nutmilk. F'ing awesome. We finished it off with desserts courtesy of Barclay the baker who makes those addictive cookies the size of your face at Blu Dog. Here she tempts sugar junkies with gluten-free cupcakes, decadent fudge brownies and chunky chocolate chip cookies.


Design By Bain said...

your awesome for posting this, thank you, Shawn sends me the great vegan posts of yours.
found the address & phone.

The Art of Food, 3404 N. Miami Ave; 305-438-0004

sara said...

My pleasure. I wish there were more vegan places to post about...

Liz Traks said...

:) glad you like my key west posts. and of course you get linkage love... you wrote a great post with beautiful pictures for 'art of food'.