Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life on "The Rock"

Greetings from Little Rock, a place that truly rocks. Plenty of friendly people, a lovely riverfront district with unique restaurants and bars, and a big Asian pagoda-type monument. We were kind of comforted when we saw this structure in front of the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce. It was as if the city had anticipated our little indie film shot in Beijing and was saying, hey we dig China, we even dig pagodas. So far we've been hanging with film festival people, and everyone has been great. Last night we caught the film Crawford, which was preceded by a couple glasses of proseco with the director at Crush Wine Bar, a charming wine joint. The film is fantastic and I hope it makes its way to Florida somehow. It's about how the sleepy little town of Crawford,TX changed once Bush moved his ranch there and then of course the press invaded, anti-war protesters invaded and everything got crazy.

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