Thursday, May 22, 2008

Aqua Jewels

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders designed these jewel-toned faucets for Bonomi. Can we expect to see them at the Wanders-designed Mondrian South Beach? Perhaps.
From the company:
The warm moist air bathes your skin and “Aqua Jewels” by Marcel Wanders for Bonomi are your servants. The elements lay before you on a stage awaiting your command. The fragmented surfaces are tamed by reflections of light, anticipating your liquid rituals. The water cascades through the “Aqua Jewels” and uses your naked skin as its canvas, dusting you with dazzling droplets of liquid. A magical transformation begins and time stands still.’
But surely you must be saying to yourself, Miamians would balk at the flashiness and overt kitsch factor.

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