Monday, January 14, 2008

Tom Wolfe's Magic City

A peek inside Tom Wolfe's $7 million Miami book proposal.
“Our story begins,” Wolfe’s proposal opens, “inside the mind of a young Cuban policeman.” This policeman is Angel, a second-generation Cuban who’s no longer that invested in his heritage. Angel’s beautiful sister, Lourdes, has angered her family by marrying Dr. Michael Grubman, a famous (and Jewish) Miami sexologist who’s playing at high society without actually having the money to do so. While avoiding her creep of a husband by attending art functions (like “Miami’s annual freaknik for the newly, wildly, rich, the Art Basel show in December”), she befriends a mysteriously wealthy Russian émigré named Boris Korolev, who soon falls for her and urges her to run away with him. Angel, on the other hand, falls for Camille Duroy, a second-generation Haitian “mulat” passing as French.

Umm, gag me with a spoon? Someone. Please?

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