Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ikea Food Fun

Went on an Ikea shopping spree this weekend. They had a couch sale; we caved in to consumer pressure and are now the proud owners of a Tysoland sectional. The best thing about leaving Ikea (aside from knowing that you've just squandered 6 hours of your life walking through a gargantuan Scandinavian furniture behemoth) is the nifty food store at the exit. We stocked up on herring, anchovies, crispy bread, fizzy pear cider and smoked salmon. I was inspired when I spotted the "Rosti" potato pancakes, sort of like Norwegian latkes. We got home and unpacked our Nordic bounty, fried a few rosti, topped them with the smoked salmon and sour cream (could've used a dollop of caviar, alas) and sat back to enjoy our hearty snack.

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