Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Check, Please!

I missed the premiere of PBS series Check,Please! last night. Spangdish caught the show and believes Michelle Bernstein is its saving grace which I imagine is probably true. While I appreciate the concept of the show I think it would be helpful to include food professionals/scholars every once in a while. So that, you know, we could all learn something from it.
Here's a list of the restaurants the show will be covering.
(The one restaurant I'm afraid for is Cafe Maurice. The food's nothing special but it's still one of the best places to share a bottle of French wine and listen to Yves Montand. Hope they weren't too harsh.) The show has a blog but posting is pretty slim.
Update: Lee Klein's take.


Anonymous said...

The New Times review is dead on--the skydiver, Mr. Brian, was the most critical person while the other guests were like, "eh, the food was okay." And Sheba (the "Ethiopian" eatery with only Ethiopian-styled mains) was the most harshly criticized restaurant in this episode. If I didn't have a busy schedule and a lack of transportation I would do this show and get my two cents' worth--I don't believe every place I step into is that good.

sara said...

I really like Sheba, too bad they dissed it. Sounds like I missed a good episode. I wonder if they'll rerun it...