Friday, January 18, 2008

The Stoli Hotel

The Stoli Hotel, the future of marketing. I wish they had played up the Russian billionaire thing more. You know, with leggy Eastern Block women in furry jackets proffering frosty cocktails, mountains of caviar and smoked fish, that kind of thing. The vodka was definitely flowing and it seemed that everyone was having a Stoli-tastic time tasting all the different infused vodkas. My new fave is the blueberry, which, thankfully, is not blue. You know there's a food lackage when people start pouncing on waitresses with trays of tiny grilled cheese sammies. The color-themed rooms created an aura of exclusivity whereby you could only enter with a matching wrist band but the space was so big no one seemed aching to get into the hotel-suite lounges. The space will be up for another two weeks with various parties and buzz-worthy DJ's holding forth.

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