Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wagyu Sushi @ Blue Sea

The sleek marble sushi bar in the lobby of the Delano celebrates its tenth anniversary this month with a new lower-priced menu of small plates and rolls available as half or full portions. The best rolls I tasted off this new menu included the Wagyu Tartare Roll (above) made with American wagyu and French pickles over wasabi crunchy rice and the Mexican Roll composed of scallop, shrimp ceviche, avocado, red onion and jalapeƱo. I also really enjoyed the Kinoko Roll, a vegan option of Japanese mushrooms wrapped in white soy topped with crispy enoki mushrooms and truffle oil. Less exciting was the Smokey Roll (below) made with smoked salmon, smoked tuna, bbq eel and cream cheese because I will never understand nor condone the use of cream cheese in a sushi roll. It's just. Not. Right.
See the menu and prices here.
1685 Collins Ave, 305-672-2000.


SteveBM said...

Damn, that sounds good. Totally agree about cream cheese too. No thanks. Sushi chef in Seattle told a customer who asked for a salmon cream cheese roll that his dad would cut off his hands if he suspected there was cream cheese in the restaurant haha

Sara said...

It's grounds for hari-kari over your sushi knife. Mayonnaise I understand as the Japanese are gaga for it - both spicy and straight-up. But cream cheese is a misguided American addition.