Wednesday, January 13, 2010

STK Miami Grand Opening

Memo to everyone in Miami: it was great seeing you last night at the STK opening.

The place was packed to the gills which proves one of two things: the opening of a steakhouse is really exciting, or a thousand people had nothing better to do on a Tuesday night than sip free drinks and rub up against strangers.

Last night was quite significant as STK is probably the last steakhouse to open in Miami for a long time. That may just be wishful thinking but it's obvious that this glitzy mega-resto is a holdover from the boom era. It was hard to take in the space as it was teeming with random socialites, reality show stars, hipsters like Alexis Mincolla and stocky body builder David Barton (sporting more jewelry than me, btw) but suffice to say, the two-story space looked sexy and loungey, perfect for tucking into slabs of meat. We didn't get to taste much of the food save for a few skewers of coconut chicken and a cold mini-burger snagged from a silver platter perched on a banquette next to some models wrapped in scarves.
Good thing we pre-partied at the one-year anniversary for Red the Steakhouse where the ample buffet included crab legs, shrimp cocktail, roasted artichokes and smoked salmon.

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