Thursday, January 28, 2010

Borekas in Sunny Isles

I was never a huge fan of the Israeli spot Bissaleh in Sunny Isles but I'd stop in there whenever I had a hankering for borekas, flaky pastries stuffed with savory fillings like potato and feta cheese. They managed to approximate the sesame-covered snacks that reminded me of the hot, buttery delights I've had in Israel (though they were ten times the price at $8 each). So imagine my delight when I found that the old Bissaleh space -now the H Restaurant, a jazzy French bistro with a roaring wood-burning oven and live Parisian singers on Saturday nights - still offers those Middle Eastern delicacies on the menu, as well as Gallic dishes like escargots in butter and Shrimp and Scallops Provencal. And they serve them the traditional way - with a hard boiled egg and cabbage slaw on the side (though this slaw needed a serious dose of vinegar because it was tasteless). The boreka itself - top notch.
The H Restaurant, 17608 Collins Ave, 305-931-9106

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