Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tapas @ RA Sushi

The South Miami sushi loft has revamped their menu of funky rolls (mango, smoked salmon and cashews, anyone?) to include a restrained list of raw fish-inspired tapas. The best of the bunch is the yellowtail bathed in a garlic citrus ponzu sauce topped with organic greens and the salmon carpaccio with wasabi infused oil. Skip the RA "lollipops," the kind of gimmicky dish that probably pleases the UM students that swarm the place. They're all mostly priced around $7 which is a nice touch.

5829 SW 73rd St, 305-341-0092.


SteveBM said...

I gotta tell ya, I went the this place a few times (ok, twice) and I kinda liked it. They had a kiwi scallop carpaccio that was really good and a very interesting tuna sushi where the bed of rice was fried crisp on the outside. I haven't been back in about a year but that's mainly because I don't spend a ton of time in that area. Definitely was loaded with college kids when I was there both times too.

sara said...

Yes, they definitely have some great dishes on the menu - I also love that crunchy rice-spicy tuna combo. You just have to bypass the too-sweet and gimmicky rolls.