Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gotham Steak @ The Fontainebleau

My First Look on Gotham Steak is up and The New Times just gave the spot a glowing review. I still think Scarpetta is a much more interesting dining experience at the hotel, but I'll leave that to you dear readers to decide. (Maybe I'm just a spaghetti fiend. Maybe I'm just fatigued by steakhouses. Oh yes, that must be it.)
Here's a look inside what's in store should you decide to go for the cow at the New York import.

First off, the interior is grand. We sat downstairs which gives you a nice view into the shiny new kitchen where a dozen or so line chefs are assiduously churning out big-city fare. Plus, the raw bar is very enticing.
Dinner starts with a sea-salt encrusted brioche. Lovely, buttery, salty. It's a shame to share this one with the table.

Next, a starter of wild mushroom pasta with pine nuts and pecorino. A petite portion as it is just a teaser and not a main, but filling and flavorful. At $19 a bit pricey. In fact, as you've probably assumed, the restaurant is not so easy on the wallet, but it's a Vegas-style steakhouse geared to a similar sort of crowd.

Ah yes, the beef. Here it is in all its wagyu glory, all 8 oz. of a NY strip. Moist, velvety, rich. Nice presentation, too. Even though sides are al a carte, it's nice to see something on the plate besides a hunk of beef.

And just when you though I might have wimped out on you and not ordered dessert - egads! - I chime in with this doozy. A peanut butter parfait madness made with layers of peanut butter ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. It took me back to my high school days at Friendly's. Ahh, thems were good times.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review, very interesting. I think this place is way above my budget comfort zone. Did they give you any problems about taking pictures of the decor or the plated food?

sara said...

No problems at all. But then again, I am a bit James Bondish when it comes to taking the pics. No flash. ever. Don't want to annoy fellow diners.

SteveBM said...

Ok, so Im dying to know what the rub was on the 8oz Wagyu...

I must admit, one of the biggest victories at Sundance was learning that the 8oz wagyu filet was only $140 at Prime Steakhouse in Park City.

sara said...

"only $140"?! that seems a bit steep. I believe it's $75 at Gotham.

SteveBM said...

Well, I say only $140 because my last experience with Kobe/Wagyu was @ the Nobu on Paradise island. $43.50 an ounce. Lets just say the dinner bill was a tad over the top that night. The meal was incredibly good though and totally revived our gambling karma. And it was comped!