Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Druze Village Picnic

We spent a weekend in Northern Israel visiting with good friends and their new adorable baby. We needed to put some distance between us and Jerusalem and this new war which is all anyone talks about, thinks about, stresses about.
Somehow, up north, all that stuff seemed very far away (even though in Israel, you're never that far away. Gaza was maybe a 2-hour ride from us.) We stopped at a local Druze village to gather supplies for a picnic and happened upon this community market with random offerings like olives, gummy candies and faux leather boots. Naturally, we leaned towards the olives which were fantastically cured. We also indulged in some fresh made Druze pita bread which is really more like a thin crepe-like wrap and amazingly tart labneh cheese made from goats milk. Topped it off with a jar of fresh zaatar and we were ready for our hike.

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Anonymous said...

Great shot of the olives, and the link was very informative about the Druze. Thanks for the post.