Friday, January 23, 2009

Dinner at Red Light

Had dinner at Red Light last night with a bunch of friends. We sat outside despite near-blizzard temps. Luckily there was a heat lamp, though it stopped working midway-through, then they managed to crank it back up again so we were were nice and toasty. I'm posting a few of the menu items since I haven't written much about the place since it opened. Much of the menu can be ordered in small or large portions which is great for tasting a variety of plates. It's still really affordable and the service was very good last night. They were really nice and waived the corkage fees for our party (though it wasn't quite clear what the corkage fee is), and we also ordered a nice bottle of pinot for $27.

One of the nicest surprises of the night was when the waiter came out with this huge terrine of New Orleans-style bbq shrimp, compliments of the house, as a reward for our sitting out in the cold last night. Deelish, those little shrimipies were, and the sauce was perfect for sopping up with the toasted baguettes.

-fish chowder, $7 (made with snapper, fresh corn and a delicious milky broth seasoned with peppercorns)
-grilled eggplant salad with feta and organic greens, $8
-organic tomato and mozzarella salad, $10
-pot of mussels, $8
-quail, $9 (with an amazing gravy)
-organic beef burger, $9 (didn't taste this but it looked huge, also came with potatoes)
-tangy spareribs, $10 for 5
-sides of mac and cheese $4
-apple cobbler $5, crusty and delicious
-homemade lemon kumquat sorbet, $4
-chocolate pot de creme, $5


Elad said...

I tried to go last week on a busy Friday night with a group of 7. They sat us outside and promised a heat lamp which never came. We were looking forward to trying this place out, but instead we just walked out and went to the the new Anise Tavern a block away and had a great dinner. Seems like they're having a little trouble handling their sucess (from my perspective anyway), but I still plan to try it out.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the bbq shrimp!

sara said...

Yes! How could I? I will update with that info.

sara said...

Elad, I can see that happening. I think the ethos of the place is somewhat of a scrappy neighborhood hang, and sometimes things fall through the cracks. You kind have to just go with it if you're there. But at 50-degrees it's hard to be zen.

Elad said...

True, true. Especially with a Battlestar Galactica premiere waiting for us to watch!

Ironically, sitting outside would have been great if it wasn't for this strange chilly weather we've been having.

I think they were also particularly understaffed that night. Your post made me want to try again. Just not tonight.

Anonymous said...

Corkage is $10 when they remember or feel like it.