Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thoughts on This Journalism Thing

It's a sad time be a print journalist in Miami. Aside from this which is just so, so pitiful, I got a call from my editor at the Herald Home & Design magazine recently explaining that they're shutting down the magazine. Shame, too, because I think that while the specialty pub was a bit thin on the ads they consistently turned out some pretty good articles on Miami's thriving design and architecture scene. Through my work with the magazine I came in contact with some talented folk profiling people like Chad Oppenheim and Gene Meyer. Fellow media friends have sounded the deathwatch for other design pubs like Florida InsideOut. Guess there are no more lavish condo ads to keep these magazines going. The last issue of H&D comes out this month but for now here is my piece on unique restaurant design from last month's issue.
As a freelancer I've almost given up on pursuing print publications. Online it is!
Here are some recent articles for
A look at the new Regent Bal Harbour.
First Looks of Art of Food, DiBono's, Pacific Time, Fratelli Lyon, Kitchen 305, and Philippe.
I also had a chance to interview chef Mark Zeitouni of the Standard hotel's Lido Restaurant. Turns out he's a design buff in addition to being a celebrated chef.
And here's a quickie on the Co-op Miami.
I've also got a piece on Vix at the Hotel Victor where I drank the most expensive cup of coffee on earth. It's called "kopi luwak" and it's $45 for an espresso-sized cup. And yes, it was damn good.


Anonymous said...

First of all I enjoy your blog so much that I check it once a day.


I am happy you enjoyed a good cup of "kopi luwak" but you neglected to mention to your readers exactly how this coffee is made. I am still trying to work up the courage to try it. At Barton G Restaurant you get a certificate that you drank it.

Thanks again for a great blog...


sara said...

Hi Van,
Thanks for reading! I'm glad you've found something interesting here.

In terms of kopi luwak - yes it's made from the undigested coffee beans found in the shit of African cats. But you sort of forget about that when you taste it, the coffee flavor is so deep and full-bodied. You also get a certificate from Vix for drinking the brew.