Friday, July 18, 2008

Miami Swim Week

Miami Beach Swim Week or Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim (if you want to get technical, and really, when discussing bikinis technicalities are essential) kicked off last night with a poolside party at the Raleigh and a Diesel runway show. The Raleigh is fashion headquarters with all the shows taking place in the sprawling backyard pool and cabana areas. Fashionistas, publicists, media hoi polloi and random party fixtures (Shaggy Steve, I'm looking at you) were out in force. Diesel opted for the runway over the pool which proved a casual setting for the fashion extravaganza. No assigned seats, just people grabbing spots on the poolside cabana beds while casual trend-setters sat on the edge of the pool dipping their un-gladiator sandaled-feet into the cooling goodness.

The theme of the show seemed to be collegiate football punk with several male models sporting trim swim trunks along with quarterback shoulder gear, models wearing helmets and May Andersen walked out suggestively clutching a lacrosse mallet. Everyone learned there's no easier way to get applause at a fashion show then to send out toddlers in bikinis. Ka-yoot!

Everyone also learned that there's no easier way to work up a sweat in the middle of July in Miami than by simply standing motionless watching a fashion show. What can we look forward to this weekend? More sweaty fashion show fun.

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