Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Miami Cupcake Madness

Ahh, the obligatory cupcake post. I know, I know. It's practically illegal to write a blog these days and not have written about cupcakes. So here we are. The subject of this post? A pleasant morning spent tasting Miami's finest cupcakes in the home of one very gracious host, Jean Marc De Silva, cupcake enthusiast and proprietor of one very cool online design store coolcosas.com. The highlight of the day (besides the predictable sugar coma) was meeting fellow Miami blogger Paula, she of the fantastic Mango&Lime and her charming fiance. Paula's also got a great post on the cupcake tasting, so head over there for more food porn. I've got a detailed rundown soon to be up on Miami.com but here are some highlights to get you in the mood.

Classic vanilla and chocolate goodies from Stella's Sweet Shoppe. Fantastic presentation, lovely cake, but frosting was deemed a bit too thick for some.

Next up, the S'mores cupcake courtesy of Dots Treats. Lots of decadence here with brownie-like chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, dark chocolate ganache frosting and mini-marshmallow topping. A little too much fanfare for cupcake purists, but an interesting take on two old-fashioned sweets.

Two Girls and a Cupcake's "Chick Flick." Lots to like here with vanilla-on-vanilla action. Reminded me of really good wedding cake.

The prettiest of the bunch: Cupcakes Nouveau's treats with perfect fondant flowers. The cake and frosting were delicious with the vanilla bean cake redolent with flecks and a rich pudding-like frosting.

Nine varieties of cupcakes conquered, the triumphant end result.
A fun event, thanks Jean Marc!


Anonymous said...

i do not like cupcakes, am I th only one in the world?

sara said...

Ah c'mon. *everyone* loves cupcakes!

Robert said...

you all should definaltely ahve tried the Little Miss Cupcake Bake Shop ones...a true Miami style cupcake shop...especially the Guava with Cream Cheese Cupcake.