Friday, March 30, 2007

Vogue Eyewear Fashion Show@ Karu & Y

Through my jet lag haze I managed to attend the Vogue Eyewear show at Karu and Y's Tottem Gardens last night. Like beauty itself most fashion shows are blessedly brief in a fleeting, now you see the gazelle-like models, now you don't kind of way. But watching a fashion show for sunglasses requires a modicum of concentration since the model's clothing never really changes, just their eyewear. So it was nice that the models were a playful bunch, sporting lots of pink bikinis and ultra-bronzed limbs. Giselle hosted and aside from a breathy introduction where she invited everyone to love "Vohgh" sunglasses, she held court in one of the roped-off cabanas. The weather was perfect and the Tottem Garden space was quite pleasant with plenty of room to mingle after the temporary runway was dismantled. There were plenty of models and the modelizers who love them in attendance. The only caveat was the minuscule appetizers proffered by be-striped waiters. Why does Karu even bother to put food out at these things when they literally have like 4 bites of something per tray? And everyone walked away with a gift bag of - you guessed it - Vogue sunglasses.

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