Monday, February 04, 2008

VeeV Valentine's Day Cocktail Recipes

Hey conscientious tipplers, I just heard of this new exciting liquor brand:
Veev is the worlds first Açaí spirit (Açaí is the Brazilian super-fruit that contains more anti-oxidants than any other fruit on the planet- Oprah just named it her #1 superfood.) It tastes of dark berries and a hint of chocolate. It is also a ‘green’ alcohol brand. They donate $1/bottle sold to offset its carbon footprint and ensure that the Açaí berry is grown in sustainable manner. Its a healthier way to drink and contains prickly pear (thought to be a natural hangover remedy). According to press info, the owners of VeeV engage in green business practices (the whole team drives hybrids) and they use recycled paper and soy ink.

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