Thursday, February 21, 2008

Miami Dining Trends

Miami is usually about 2 years behind New York when it comes to culinary fads. We've just inherited our first gastropub, whereas NY'ers were kicking back at places like The Spotted Pig and Freeman's before we even knew what lardons were. Beef-happy outlets are invading like Kobe Club, STK and BLT-Steak and hopefully beer-centered bars featuring microbrews will follow. One thing I notice as I check out new restaurants is that certain dishes keep popping up on menus around town. Here are a few:
  • Rabbits. The gourmet game is scampering around menus like the Design District's new Mediteranean resto Brosia which features a rabbit stifado made with currants, candied walnuts and pearl onions. Then there's The Smoking Rabbit's eponymously-themed dish that also incorporates carrot jus and celery root.
  • Mac & Cheese. Bourbon Steak, Andu, The Smoking Rabbit, Bistro One at the Ritz all have their own fancied up versions of this American comfort food. Bourbon wins with their perfect al-dente noodles and truffle shavings but Andu turns out a nice cast iron pot with manchego, cheddar and fontina.
  • Figs. Atrio at the Conrad's got an asparagus salad with fig chutney as well as a roasted fig and barley" risotto" to go along with a roasted squab. Michael's Genuine has a pizza with mission figs along with grilled onions, fontina cheese and Berkshire pork and he's also got a black mission fig & cambazola cheese crostini on the bar snacks menu.
  • Polenta. It seems like it all started with Michy's ethereal version of this peasant pantry staple. Then La Marea busted out with Pietro Rota's delicate parmesean cream-infused side. Soon after Joley at the Astor and Brosia were offering up their porridge-like interpretations of this cornmeal food. Michy's still wins with its soft boiled egg topping.


L2M said...

You just beat me on my "New York is ahead of us in..." post.

Another item that we're behind on is "Cheeks". Salmon and halibut cheek at Yakko-san, beef and pork cheek at Michael's. Oh, and we're behind on the offal too. But that's my post.

sara said...

Yes! Cheeks are definitely on the rise. I think offal is happening in the ethnic "mom and pop" places but not sure if Miamians will tolerate brains and marrow in fine dining outlets. Going to read your post now...