Friday, February 29, 2008

Update on New Restaurants

  • Mint Leaf opens today.
  • Ariston is open. As are Abokado and Por Fin.
  • Bambino Grande has been open for weeks and, like Cantina 27, is a new inexpensive Italian restaurant.
  • The wine bar trend continues with Cavas Wine Bar on Espanola Way. They have some sort of nifty pre-paid automated wine tasting feature. Curious to try it out.
  • The professional set have found a new playground at Badrutt's Place (sibling to the Swiss resort of the same name). The swank boite features its own Davidoff cigar lounge, a euro-tinged menu of decadent bites like mushroom risotto and caviar and live DJ's spinning in the glam Alison Antrobus-designed space. 1250 south miami ave. between 12th and 13th. 305.415.0070.
  • And something called Yogurbella is coming to South Beach. Looks like a Pinkberry knockoff. I heart Pinkberry so I'm ok with that.


Unknown said...

Hi Sara. Have been to Cavas and its really fun. You can have a taste, a half glass or a full glass. The card system is a blast and its amazing to try many wines before selecting one to sit down with and order a cheese plate.

sara said...

Hey Dindy, thanks for the tip. I'll have to check it out. I love automated dining experiences, they're so futuristic. And just checked out your blog - very cool!

SteveBM said...

Unfortunately, I thought Badrutt's Palace was a miss. Food was OK at best and overpriced. Bar menu was weak as well. The decor is very nice though, so I could maybe see grabbing a cocktail and a stogie there sometime but thats about it. I believe I wrote about it on Chowhound.

Looking forward to Abokado and Por Fin as well as trying Oceanaire which I hear is incredibly good.

sara said...

I just tried Badrutt's the other night and liked it. Granted, food was on the pricey side but the chef worked at Escopazzo on the beach, and I love that place. I'll write it up soon.