Monday, February 25, 2008

Emeril's Sugar Shack

Didn't see Emeril, but did see plenty of sugar. The Raleigh's backyard was a nice venue to end Friday night. It was packed, but there was plenty of movement so you could hang by the pool on a lounge chair or sit on the vast sandy expanse towards the beach. The Perrier-Jouet was flowing in plastic champagne flutes and the affluent (mostly out-of-town) crowd seemed genuinely impressed with what Miami has to offer.

Considering we were coming from Best of the Best we felt a bit like beached whales but managed to taste a few toothsome creations like a pumpkin spice cake (above), peanut butter cheesecake, chocolate ganache-covered brownies (below) and key lime tarts. Best in show was the banana cream pies, brimming with hunks of banana nestled in a flaky crust.


Dayngr said...

mmmmmmmmm looks so good

sara said...

It was!