Thursday, February 14, 2008

MoCA Pop 8 1/2

Saturday night found me partying Italian Neorealist style with art world patrons at the MoCA's Pop gala. This year's theme was Federico Fellini's dreamy film-world meta-romp 8 1/2 which was projected onto the museum's outdoor facade so every few minutes you'd look up and see a young Marcello Mastroianni looking oh-so-sauve in black sunglasses. The proseco was flowing (as was Grey Goose and Peroni) and there was plenty to eat under the massive tent. At first no one dared brave the dance floor (even though DJ Hottpants was giving good spin) but after a few plates of endive and walnut salad I was ready to get all bellissimo on that scene.

And so was she. Except I think she was paid to shake her magnifique.

And for dessert? Mini beignets with ducle de leche. Not so Italian, but then again, neither is North Miami.

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