Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Hour @ Caviar Kaspia

The pricey French caviar restaurant at the Webster just introduced a wallet-friendly post-work ritual: $8 cocktails including lychee martnis and mojitos along with Russian-inspired bites for $10 like mini smoked salmon blinis and a baked potato “Vladivostok” topped with salmon caviar. Yes, it's still a bit steep for "happy hour" but it's a nice way to snack on what the restaurant does well - the baked potato and the fluffy, spongy blinis.
These delicate toast rounds topped with a not-too-salty tarama are presented as gratis cocktail snacks which is a nice touch. They're also indicative of the overall vibe of the place - precise, fastidious, even a bit precious. The Webster house cocktail, made with champagne and lavender pearls is a fragrant way to take the edge off.

4pm-7pm, Tuesdays-Saturdays, 1220 Collins Ave, 305- 674-7899.

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