Friday, September 04, 2009

Where Have I Been Lately?

Traveling a bit. In and out of town, so apologies for not posting more often. Spent a few days in New York and a long weekend in San Francisco. A quick rundown of the best of the best:

A revelatory meal at The John Dory in New York's Meatpacking District. It's Spotted Pig chef April Bloomfield's stab at seafood and what a lovely stab it is. Standouts include kampachi crudo with candied ginger and a delectable little dish that consisted of uni butter on crostini that you dip in an oyster broth- salty, rich, briny luxury.

Wine tasting at Darioush Winery in Napa followed by fresh baguettes at Bouchon Bakery down the road. Oh Napa, you are indeed paradise.

Updated: Fellow blogger Frodesnor pointed out that The John Dory closed over the weekend. Damn. It was really busy the night I was there. Hopefully Bloomfield will bounce back from it.


Frodnesor said...

You were apparently one of the last to eat at John Dory - it closed last week.

sara said...

Wow. That sucks. And I didn't mentioned the space, but yeah, those fish tanks were impressive. Funny how one of the commenters derided the uni butter. Bloomfield's a genius. Hope she reopens something similar soon.

V. said...

Bouchon is so yummy.:D

Jill P. said...

I still haven't made it to Bouchon! But your post makes me want to plan a trip to Napa while it's still summer in Northern California.