Monday, September 14, 2009

MOCA at Goldman Warehouse Closing

After four years of innovative exhibits and performances the MOCA has decided to close its annex in Wynwood. From a museum press release:
The MOCA Board’s decision took into account the uncertainties of the current economic climate as well as the expansion of MOCA’s current Joan Lehman Building in North Miami, which will begin in 2010. The expansion will double the museum’s current size and include new gallery space, art storage space, an education wing, and multi-purpose space to present performances, films and lectures.

Over the past four years, the collaboration between the Goldmans and Museum of Contemporary Art increased visitor traffic to the area and offered visitors and students a place to experience the wonders of contemporary art. From December 2005 – July 2009, the Museum of Contemporary Art presented 13 group and solo exhibitions at MOCA at Goldman Warehouse. MOCA’s presence in Wynwood has served to inspire the community within the Arts District and helped validate the quality level of the arts initiative in Wynwood.

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