Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Urbanite Bistro

Dinner at Urbanite Bistro in the "arts and media district," meaning down the street from the Arsht Center and next to the Vagabond. Handsome space, great music - lots of jazz which is always welcome - fantastic wine list with dozens available by the glass. Food is eclectic American. Standouts include:
- duck confit ravioli (he gets the ravioli skins from Mr. Pasta on Collins Ave)
- lamb sliders
- lemongrass mussels (you'll want extra bread for the broth)
- vegetable shu mai
- mushroom empanadas with vegan gravy
- grouper with ancho chili sauce
- whole roasted snapper (with bones and tail, just like they serve in other countries!)


DCMuller said...

I'm going to check this place out tonight for work. Glad to hear great things!

Sara said...

I also should mention there's free valet - another nice touch.

Neil Heiss said...

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