Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sra. Martinez, Design District

The Art Basel madness has begun and with it a slew of culinary new beginnings. Domo Japones is now Sra. Martinez (or Senora Martinez to you), a tapas spot from Michelle Bernstein of Michy's fame. We stopped by over the weekend for a sneak peek and had some fantastic small plates. The lady has a hit on her hands, clearly. Apologies for the pale pics, as we were a bit sangria-addled and had only a measly iPhone to capture the experience.
Here we have the fried artichokes - sublime and crunchy. Of all the fried offerings (and there are quite a few), probably best in show.

Next up fish cheeks with raisins and figs,a wonderful dish all around. They use monkfish which adds a nice textural contrast to the sauteed fruit. I also highly recommend the fried eggplant, more like delectable thin eggplants chips with a slight tempura-like breading. The patatas bravas are a heaping platter of steaming potato cubes with a spicy tomato sauce. Mushroom croquettas were nice but lacked bite. The churro dessert comes with a spicy Mexican chocolate sauce that I nearly downed shotglass-style it was so damn good. And the goat cheese dessert with thyme-infused honey was elegant and refreshing. Photos of the interior are here. The menu is here.


SteveBM said...

Thanks for the report, Sara. I checked out the menu the other day and liked most of what I saw. You didnt happen to try the uni sandwich, did you?

sara said...

Didn't try the uni sandwich but was definitely intrigued by that one.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't too happy with the food choices, not much edible there. Too many fried items and way overpriced.