Sunday, December 07, 2008

Best of Art Basel

I'm baseled out, people.
The fairs, events, satellite fairs, satellite events, and satellites to the satellites have left me a bit drained, a bit hazy and possibly a tad stupider. Yet there's always a silver lining to the madness. And who knows what next year will bring? So here's a look back at some "best of" moments:
Best use of a domed ceiling for a surreal jewelry film: David Lynch's 7-minute “Diamonds, Gold and Dreams”, for the Cartier dome in the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Imagine a cool planetarium film, substitute diamonds for planets and David Lynch for Leonard Nimoy (only no narrative voice-over). Also, plenty of champagne available. And really good pumpkin risotto and microgreen salad.

Best use of $5.5 million: The 52-karat yellow diamond ring at the Cartier dome. Well, maybe not the best use, but you know, there's a high karat-to-million ratio there.

Best reminder of the heyday of condo parties: ICON Brickell's 800-person affair to celebrate the completion of 3 towers.

Best use of a mailroom: The first bar to greet partygoers at the ICON Brickell. Notice how the Phillipe Starck-designed room has mailboxes that extend to the ceiling, not meant for use but to symbolize towering repetition.

Best contrast to the glitzy fairs and glitzy parties: Fountain's late-night beer-addled bash whereby a semi-nude chick and guy wearing a prom dress danced around and broke plates.

Best Brazilian-Japanese art show: SushiSamba's Ginzatropicalia in Midtown. The pop-up sushi cafe was a nice touch as well.

Best spot to laze about: NADA's hammock courtyard. Always lovely, always strange to think you're in the middle of the hood. And the art inside was top-notch as it always is at NADA, the only satellite fair that never disappointments.

Best way to start the day: The Sagamore's annual brunch-fest. Muffins from Epicure, trays of mimosas and possible every person in South Beach.

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