Saturday, November 03, 2007

Levity III Luminarium

Got a sneak peek of the Levity III Luminarium installation last night. It is one of the cooler public art displays (sponsored by the Flamingo South Beach) to grace our beachy shores and luckily it will be here to experience for at least a month.

Superficially it resembles an inflatable funhouse tent and its enjoyment is had by simply walking around and absorbing its atmosphere. You are encouraged to sit, lay down or meditate in any of the cozy nooks created by its labyrinthine design. Light flows through colored rubber panels in shades of blue, red and green. Calm music wafts through the airy tunnels. Walking around the adjectives that came to mind were intestinal (it sort of resembles the insides of the digestive system), serene and groovy and indeed it is all of those things. It will be open to the public tonight for Sleepless Night and then it will move to its home at the Flamingo South Beach for the duration of Art Basel. One thing the team behind the piece, Architects of Air, kept saying last night was "You've got to come back during the day. It's a completely different experience." Add that to the Art Basel to-do list!

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