Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Get Floored at the Carnival Center

The other night I had the opportunity to check out the Carnival Center's new event space in the Knight Concert Hall. It was quite spectacular. With a few additions they transformed the concert venue into an imaginative space. The designers covered the entire orchestra section of seating with multi-tiered platforms to create an open space perfect for holding an event. They also created cozy cabana-like spaces with couches and white curtains and placed high-top cocktail tables throughout. All of the balconies were lit up with golden lights and the overall experience of being in the cavernous hall with cocktails and live band playing was pretty sweet and a lot cooler than being in a hotel ballroom for events of that scale. And the food? Suprisingly good. I went to town at the cheese table - a dozen varieties from brie to British Stilton - they had me at Taleggio. Duck salad, portobello mushroom stacks and mini-cupcakes that kept coming around made the night thoroughly enjoyable.

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