Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mahou Beer Launch @ Casa Casuarina

A fitting celebration for the North American launch of the most popular (and quite drinkable) beer in Spain. There was lots of aforementioned beer, waitstaff dressed in conquistador costumes, flamenco dancers and tapas to taste. All of it was nestled in the opluent confines of Casa Casuarina, formerly known (and sometimes still referred to) as the Versace Mansion. This venue knows no limits when it comes to excess; the toilets are marble, the grounds are sprawling and there are lots of courtyards and archways. The only downside to Casa C is that all those cobblestones are tough on high heels - it's like trying to wand your way through a Mediterranean city. Below is the mosaic tiling in the ladies powder room.

Estaban Cortazar hosted the lavish event, thus the crowd was uber-trendy and fashionably daring - I spied a pair of leopard-print knee-boots - totally appropriate footwear for the chilly Miami night. The tapas provided by Barton G included mini-paella cups, skewers of seared tuna with gherkin pickles, and crackers topped with anchovies. For a moment, it did feel a bit like Madrid with so many "grathias's" flitting about. But that was in the cozy confines of the mansion. As soon as you stepped through the wrought iron gates, you were back on Ocean Drive, a world away.

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