Sunday, October 08, 2006

Full Moon Fever

The stretch of beach along Collins and 85th was transformed last night into a thumping burning-man-esque moon fest. There were drum circles, firepits, little kids with beach balls and balloons, people on blankets, people making out in the moonlight and teenagers with lots of booze. There were also some talented rave kids with the glowstick dancing that always captures your attention, no matter how repetitive it is. We happened upon this contemporary pagan scene around midnight and snapped these photos. I kept thinking, "this must be what it's like in Goa, India, every night of the week."

Most impressive is that fact that Miami Beach Police allowed the event to take place and it seemed there was little police presence monitoring this debauchery. This either shows enormous trust in moon lovers or maybe the entire Dade police force was too busy making sure Carnival Center patrons weren't getting mugged. Either way, I kept thinking how wonderful something like this is for kids (the average age seemed to be 17) and also how stuff like this probably goes on in California and other beach towns all the time. And then I realized you know you're getting old when you're more worried about what you might be stepping on (was that wet sand piss or beer?) than how a full moon looks awesome.

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