Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Basel Kickoff: Bubbles and BBQ @ The Soho House

It used to be that Basel kicked off Tuesday with the MOCA/Vanity Fair party and the usual Calvin Klein/Chuck Close/bald-headed cross-dressing twins sightings. But this year things got all Monday night on us with Design Miami's Veuve Clicquot beach barbecue at the Soho House.
I promised myself I wouldn't start Basel week with a hangover but, alas, like all good Basel parties, the booze was easy to procure, the food, not so much. But the champagne was abundant, crisp and refreshing. The party wasn't really on the beach, but rather at the Soho House's tiki bar, a space built for an intimate gathering of 30 that then accommodated oh, about 200 mostly-French speaking arty types.
Typical ensemble: crayola-red pants, leather moccasins (no socks), pastel sweater tied around the shoulders. Also, a few extras from an episode of Schprockets.
The grub: delicious mini hamburgers that were too few and far between, spicy lamb skewers, truffle pizzas, chips and salsa.
Sightings: Marc Jacobs having dinner at Cecconi's.

-photo via WorldRedEye


flow simple said...

I've been waiting for your Art Basel must see/drink/play list with bated breath. Care to share where you're off to? Your references to ping pong and boat rides was such a tease.

I'm headed to the vernissage for Art Asia and Scope tonight, then probably meander over to MOCA. I'd love to know what other things should be on my list.

sara said...

Hey Pashamina sounds like you've got a great lineup already. Think I'll be at the Standard tonight and then a private dinner at the Forge. Will try and post about it soon.