Saturday, July 24, 2010

North Miami Ave Fest and Fin Menu

The western edge of the Design District is celebrating their North Miami Ave-ness with a block party tonight. Sort of like gallery night, but only one one street and a few blocks long. Fin's offering a special menu tonight as well, see below.

Saturday July 24, 2010

Complimentary Welcome Snack
Maine Lobster and Tomato Broth And Popcorn Shrimp With Ginger Tartar Sauce

First Course
Ceviche/Local Yellow Tail - Watermelon, Chilies, Rice Vinegar, Citrus 9
Six Iced Totten Bay On The Half Shell/Puget Sound, Washington State
Mignonette, Tabasco, Lemons 18
Crab Cake Maryland Style – Mayonnaise, Mustard, “Joe’s” Style Mustard Sauce 12
Spicy Shrimp Curry - Jasmine Rice, Celery, Bananas, Fermented Chili, Coconut Water 14
New England Corn “Chowder”/Florida Corn 8
Goat Cheese Salad – Mixed Greens, Dried Cherries, Red Wine Vinegar, XVO 9

Steamed Halibut / Juneau Alaska
California Chardonnay, Crushed Tomatoes, Coriander, Sea Vegetable 27
Rockfish / Gulf Of Alaska – Day Boat
Thin Fillet Lightly Browned in Organic Olive Oil
Preserved Lemon Risotto /Lemon Grass Nage 25
Wild Striped Bass / Virginia Coast
Basil Lemon Veloute, Lemon-Dill Basmati Rice Pilaf 25
Long Line Ling Cod / Oregon Coast
Pan Butter Roasted, Potato Puree, Edamame / Green Apple -Caper Beurre Blanc 25
Texas Style Pit-Roasted Beef Brisket, Whipped Potatoes, Chimichurri 20

Caesar Salad 8
Green Salad, Corn Bread Croutons – House Herb Vinaigrette 7
Organic Idaho Potato Gratin 8
Wood Roasted Parsnips and Beets – Parsley Infused Oil 7
Curried French Lentils 6

Lemon Tartlette 8
Warm Apple Crumble 7
Crème Brulee 6
He Original Warm Chocolate 9 Please Order In Advance Bomb ( 15 Minutes )
At FIN Rest Assured You Are Being Served The Finest
Safe Water Seafood From My Most Responsible Vendors
Jonathan Eismann - Chef Owner And Brian Bell and Ervin Bryant Restaurant Chefs

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