Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ice Cream Madness @ The Tides

La Marea, the restaurant at The Tides, launches their swanky ice cream cart service today in honor of July aka National Ice Cream Month. I swung by yesterday and sampled some of the flavors Chef Gonzalo Rivera is churning out this month.
I must have tried 16 scoops but I lost count after the third variation on vanilla (Indonesian, New Guinea and Mexican vanilla bean to be exact). Basil was my favorite, after that white chocolate bread pudding impressed. Dulce de leche had the creamiest texture. Mojito sorbet the most refreshing zing and Chocolate Mole with huckleberry sauce the most unique with a spicy bite tempered by the sweet fruit sauce.

Chef makes the ice cream using using an anglaise base (eggs and cream) and then adds the flavors – fresh fruits, herbs (basil) or sauces like the Mexican mole made with chipotles, chilis, star anise and garlic.

In terms of cocktails they're playing around with frozen variations on classic like a grasshopper with vanilla ice cream and muddled mint, caipirnhas with basil ice cream and strawberries, champagne with a scoop of mango sorbet and Cointreau with vanilla for a creamsicle drink.

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