Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taste of the Nation Miami Discount Code

The 40-restaurant, open-barred, crazy smorgasbord that is Taste of the Nation isn't until Thursday, so I've pretty much been fasting since Sunday. You think I'm kidding? Let's take a trip down gorge-fest lane, shall we?
Remember the Ritz-Carlton's dessert buffet for Taste of the Nation '07? I was still sweating varlhona chocolate essence days after. And what about The Oceanaire's amazing raw bar last year? Cured salmon from The Setai. Duck and shiitake from Blue Door. Kobe sliders, for chrissakes. It'll be a food-nanza. And it's all for a good cause.
In case you needed any more reason to pony up for three hours of open bar and hobnobbing with local chefs, here's a discount code that will save you $20.

7-10pm, July 30, Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, use code VIP20MIA for $20 off, tickets here.


Anonymous said...

Thinking about going based on your reviews, but is this one of those super crowded, stand in long lines, push people out of the way, don't really get to actually eat much events? I can't stand when these things are just so crowded that you can't enjoy it.

Sara said...

I hear ya on the crowds but this event is actually quite manageable - nothing like the Sobe Food Fest. The food is plentiful, the chefs are happy to be there and as long as you keep moving throughout the room you don't really get pushed or elbowed. Plus, you can always escape to the outdoor patio at Ritz, where people usually end up smoking cigars.

SteveBM said...

As if I wasnt bummed about not being able to attend due to a previous engagement, now you gotta bring up cigars? :(

sara said...

Hah, BM - they really have every angle covered, don't they?