Thursday, July 09, 2009

Late Night Menu Tasting @ Gotham Steak

The Fontainebleau is embracing the "new economy" aka "the financial meltdown" with admirable panache. Next week they'll introduce complimentary valet for the summer (a nice gesture considering that it usually costs $10 if you're dining at the hotel), and its luxe meatery Gotham Steak chimed with a new late night menu of lower-priced snack-sized gourmet treats for the post-LIV crowd. I slapped on some lip gloss and shlepped my decidedly un-LIV self over to the megahotel to sample the goods. Chef Alfred Portale was on hand to meet and greet regarding the meat which was plentiful and snatched up by hungry media types (times are tough for journalists theses days). He mentioned that he's got a completely different staff from when they opened and he's really happy with where the kitchen is these days (as opposed to when they opened and things were a bit rushed). He's brought some chefs down from the NY restaurant and had his Miami chefs train up north in an effort to get the chophouse running smoothly.

Standouts included mini-cheesesteak sandwiches made of shredded ribeye and coated ever-so-gently with provolone and onions, luscious tuna tartar in cucumber cups, steak tartar with poached quail egg (could have been spicier, but good nonetheless) and desserts like mini cheesecakes, vanilla cream-filled donut holes and chocolate caramel tortes. Washed it down with a cucumber cocktail made with Hendricks's gin and mint, a surpringly refreshing pairing.
The menu is available Friday and Saturday from 12:00am-2:30am.

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