Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Solar Power Fun

I've got solar power on the brain. Maybe it's the barrage of hurricane-season brain-melting media onslaught, or maybe it's the fact that using solar power seems so space-age modern Jetsons-like while being simultaneously so simple. Plus, sun power is free, it's clean, it's basically sinless and ain't nuthin this girl likes better than some free sinless power!
Check out the Solio, a compact solar charger that when fully charged can provide up to 14 hours of power for a cellphone, iPod, digital camera, etc. It attaches to your backpack and charges as you make your way through this hot, hot world. There's also Solar Cookers for those times when the electrical power grid just isn't making that vacum-sealed pack of Sag Paneer piping hot. These nifty products combined with approx. 15 bottles of wine round out my hurricane checklist. Flashlights, shmashlights, batteries are so overrated.

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