Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In Praise of Crocs

Here's an essay in Haaretz magazine about the bewildering popularity of Crocs clogs. Like many Haaretz articles the piece starts in one place and ends at a completely different point - the horrors of Tel Aviv humidity. But no matter, this actually points to an interesting conclusion about the beguiling neon footwear - they may be conventionally unattractive, or "ugly" to some people, but they are 100% the most comfortable shoes ever created. Ever. And for someone with an amphibious lifestyle ( i.e. constantly navigating water sports or rainy climates) they are truly brilliant, whimsical, and fun. If only the world would embrace wackiness more often. The spongy material is akin to walking on a firm marshmallow. The playful holes provide much needed A/C for overworked toes. There are those who refuse to give in, who shun the mere suggestion that perhaps the candy-colored stompers could be respectable footwear. And to those I say - endure the agony of deFeet.

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