Monday, June 05, 2006

Women's Mini-Triathlon

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A week ago I found myself staring out into the beautiful Mediterranean Sea thinking "Yay! A women's triathlon! Girl Power! This is gonna be great!"
Two minutes later as I flapped about in the rough salty waters and was kicked by every be-capped female triathlete in Israel my thoughts quickly changed to "This is it. I'm not gonna make it. They're going to have to rescue me in their special rescue-kayaks and I'm going to be the laughing stock of the triath-community." Luckily my Darwinian impulses kicked in and I was able to make to the Herzeliya shore doing the backstroke ( I know, an illegal stroke for a triathlon, but come on, I was dying out there). I made it to dry land just behind a one-legged competitor and a few post-menopausal women, but hey it's all about girl power, right?
After that, the rest of the competition was a breeze. The bike ride was pleasant and the run sufferable but ultimately doable. The best was finishing with my friend Tali, hand in hand, and I'd do it again, any day. Just not today, ok.


TsfatMarm said...

Go Triath Girl!

Maybe next time scream "shark!"?

No, just glad you made it out alive.

delores-neil-1308 said...

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