Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jerusalem Celebrity Siting: Teddy Kollek

Location: Cafe Paradiso, 36 Keren Hayesod St.
Sat adjacent to Teddy Kollek partaking of the business lunch special at Paradiso with his wife and filmmaker son Amos Kollek (I've only seen one of his films - "Fast Food, Fast Women" and couldn't help thinking how much he was trying to emulate Woody Allen in what was ultimately a lighthearted and not a neurotic enough movie to merit that association. The plot, though, about a guy who yearns to open a restaurant that charges people according to how long they sit, not what they order, was endearing.) But I digress, back to the details.

Conversation veered towards talk of Amos's horse who apparently is a stubborn thing and refuses to enter it's stable, plans for possibly taking a family trip down to the Dead Sea for the weekend (Teddy was interested in a Jeep tour possibility), and Amos trying to work out a schedule for Teddy and his wife to remember to take their medications on time. Though Paradiso is known as one of the first naughty cafes in Jerusalem (bacon and prosciutto figure prominently on the menu), none of the Kollek clan ate anything sacrilegious but rather stuck to staples like beef kabobs and potato gnocchi. For a man of 95, Teddy is quite spritely, god bless him. He wore a weathered seersucker blazer and she a printed polyester dress circa 1976. In conclusion, they were super cute and I was honored to share rustic seating space with a living legend of modern Jerusalem history.


Suzanne Pomeranz said...

Sara - hate to disappoint, but while you may have seen Teddy out and about some years ago, the only thing he's eating these days is through a straw, and he just doesn't go out on the town anymore! Sorry.


santos-shirley-564 said...

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